No additional entries will be accepted for the 2013 So You Think You Can Stunt? contest.

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2013 Results

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So You Think You Can Tumble? Results

18 and over Free Style Winner:
Runners Up:
Garrett Wheeler, Trinity Athletics
Marisa Coelho, Tristen Ester, Samuel Katz
15 - 18 Female Winner:
Runners Up:
Shayla Moore, Trinity Athletics
Hannah Lewis, Julia Shaw, Jamie Sellari
15 - 18 Male Winner:
Runners Up:
Julian Holcher, Cheer Strike Allstars
Hugh Burrow, "Ant" Joseph, Chris Hinton, Jordon Mers
14 and under Female Winner:
Runners Up:
Angel Rice, Trinity Athletics
Leighton McPhail, Ciara Thomas, Abigail Gray, Stefanya Golightly, Mia Hill, Kenzie Deweese, "Tee Tee" Morris, Cami Wilson
14 and under Male Winner:
Runners Up:
"Tygi" Riley, Trinity Athletics
Cameron Taylor, Josh Barfield, Noah Maxwell


  • 1st place winners for each division will receive:
    • "Spotlight" in Inside Cheerleading magazine
    • $250 gift certificate to the CHEERSPORT Mall
    • "So You Think You Can Tumble" or "So You Think You Can Stunt" championship banner
      NOTE - Base and Flyer in So You Think You Can Stunt groups will both receive a 1st place award
  • All selected finalists will receive:
    • T-shirt
    • 1 year subscription to Inside Cheerleading
    • 1 free pair of Last Pass shoes